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Whistleblowing is about being exposed, naked, totally exposed. Whistleblowing on NIH Anthony Fauci fraud, on Eugenics on top of exposing Wall Street SEC Commission Employees fraud along with FINRA cartel network frauds covering up Crimes & Criminals that are never turned over to Police, I decided to rename my Podcast to expand the value of Citizen Whistleblowers doing what we do with no one covering our backside. I am PUBLIC INVESTOR 12-03894 . I continue to expose “What Warren Buffett’s Wall Street Does Not Want Investment Client Main Street To Know” as well as showing how Warren Buffetts “GIVING PLEDGE” is Eugenics Society philanthropy model routed to fund the Elites agenda. I am the SEC Requested Investment Client Whistleblower Found In Bad Faith By Finra’s Securities Broker-Dealer FIRM Only DRS Forum only one Of The Many Truths 6 Pack “Sally Swinging At Low Hanging Fruits On Wall Street” Told & Tells) & More Please SUBSCRIBE
Category: True Crime
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S.E.C. Securities And Exchange Commission INVESTMENT CLIENT Whistleblower Found In Bad Faith For Telling Secrets WALL STREET Wa...

by Carrie Devorah
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August 31, 2020 12:14 PM PDT

10 When stories end, they really do not end as in the agenda of the plandemic that was run once before in and around WWI and running again now. There is more to the story isnt there always, a story George Orwell wrote 1945 trying to save the world...read it and weep...

August 31, 2020 12:09 PM PDT

9 There is something about intuition and gut feelings ANIMAL FARM reminds us of that like the animals of ANIMAL FARM sensing something wasnt right but how could it be wrong even seeing it with their own eyes like all animals not being equal, not knowing what to do. Like us all, almost, we give in, give up or become whistleblowers

August 31, 2020 12:06 PM PDT

8 As the ANIMAL FARM Fairy Story moves forward the animals keep working harder and a nemesis was made of the former leader Snowball who left but even out of sight was responsible for everything the pigs wanted explained to further the cause of the rebellion....

August 31, 2020 12:00 PM PDT

7 There is a Squealer in every plandemic, the person sent out to get the pigeons to help share the message everywhere. Todays pigeons? Media- on camera spouting as if what their scripts say is gospel. No. Rhetoric written & shaped to get participants on board like those numbers read daily as if stock movement on Wall Street.... Orwell had seen all this before. Orwell wasnt writing a new story. Orwell was reminding of the earlier story people were forgetting...

August 31, 2020 11:58 AM PDT

6 ANIMAL FARMs Mollie is most people wanting their pretty ribbons given to them. Mollie ran away from the farm wanting her pretty ribbons & occasional pats. Truly I encourage you to listen pen or pencil in hand, to make notes. Shocking what you will hear so if they are using an age old playbook then hmmmm shouldnt you? The "great reset" as it is called by WEF Founder Klaus Schwab took planning over decades and centuries. Why? Ask the pigs what they get out of it.... ask the pigs
The world went in to lockdown midnight March 16th-March 17th. No questions. The world listened because, how could the experts be wrong after all they are the "experts." In time, like the "SEVEN COMMANDMENTS" painted on the barn wall, guidances, terms, theories presented as 'facts' changed too- here today as in ANIMAL FARM too

August 31, 2020 11:56 AM PDT

5 Boxer the horse was simple. A good worker Boxers simplified what Boxer could grasp 'I will work hard.' Boxer worked hard adjusting without question to each & every new directive issued by the pigs as do we adjust to every new CDC directive & Fauci 'insight' without backtracking to what was said earlier then changed as if no one could remember. After all, by the time the animals looked, what was written was gone.... the animals were then told there was a problem with their memories. Remember Governor Cuomo & his nursing home directive?

August 31, 2020 11:54 AM PDT

4 What resonated in me while I was reading Orwells ANIMAL FARM A FAIRY STORY is how the world does not look Trojan Horses in mouths anymore it seems. Pokemon Go mapped our worlds. iphones tells them EVERYTHING. Secrets? Non anymore even theirs, in time, their secrets will come out as happened with the pigs in ANIMAL FARM. By the time the pigs secrets came out, it was too late for the barnyard animals

August 31, 2020 11:13 AM PDT

3 ANIMAL FARM was written in 1945 talking about a plandemic in the early 1900s. Plandemic? Yes. But sometimes 'Plans' go awry not as 'planned' . My perspective on the Plandemic fraud began to shape in and around 2009 when what was mine, my art & images were shared on the internet by private companies- the Googles et al. The breaking down of ownership was part of the plan that began decades even more than a century back

August 31, 2020 09:54 AM PDT

2 The world went in to lockdown midnight March 16th-March 17th. No questions. The world listened because, how could the experts be wrong after all they are the "experts." In time, like the "SEVEN COMMANDMENTS" painted on the barn wall, guidances, terms, theories presented as 'facts' changed too- here today as in ANIMAL FARM too

August 31, 2020 09:42 AM PDT

1 It is words that warm followers to follow agitators with agendas. Few question. Some accept being told by the agitator the agitator is smarter even when the agenda sounds dodgy. Major the elder pig in ANIMAL FARM had insight of years Major shared before Major died not anticipating waiting in the wings, prepared, were agitators chuffing for power

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